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M603 Ignition Coils Set of 4 For 02-06 Altima & Sentra 2.5

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Qty: 1 = 1 set of 6 coils. This is a set of 4 brand new Araparts brand ignition coils for your Nissan Infiniti. This set of 4 comes with a 2.5g packet of silicone dielectric grease, and a lifetime warranty against defects. These coils also use copper windings, just like the original equipment.

Part number interchange: 22448-8H315

The listing you are viewing is for a complete set of 4 Araparts brand ignition coils. These are also known as Coil on Plugs, or COPs. If your ignition coils are several years old, it is recommended to replace all at the same time for improved performance. New coils are a major factor when it comes to restoring vehicle performance, and gas mileage. We are able to get our prices so low by purchasing several hundred, and even several thousand coils at a time, when your local auto parts store may only purchase 4-10. We are not a drop shipper. We have a physical location in Northern California.

Guaranteed to fit - Scroll down to view fitment information - Many of our customers are concerned if the ignition coils will fit their vehicle. Here at Araparts, we provide all information you need for your vehicle fitment. When buying from Araparts, you can be assured that you have the correct part for your car. We provide all of the fitment information we can, but if our fitment information is incorrect, we will pay to return the coils that don't fit. We make it work to where you can't lose. We are always working every day to ensure that all of the fitment information is spot on.

Buying autoparts online is a new concept to many people, and you're not alone. We're here to build the bridge that connects you, and the EXACT part that you need.

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  • 2002-2006  Nissan Altima 2.5L I4 
  • 2002-2006  Nissan Sentra 2.5L I4
  • 2005-2006  Nissan x-trail 2.5L I4


More Information:

An ignition coil (also referred to as coil pack, coil on plug/COP, coil over plug)  is a crucial part of your ignition system. The ignition coil is a miniature power transformer, which converts the 12v in your vehicle electrical system into tens of thousands of volts. This will send the voltage to the spark plug, and ignite the fuel. Ignition coils wear out over time. Over the years, high and low temperatures, humidity, and even bad grounds and electrical problems can cause ignition coils to fail, or not perform at full capacity. This can cause a misfire, also referred to as hiccups or surging. Because the ignition coils wear in the same environment, it is usually best to replace old ignition coils all at the same time, and save money or time on labor. Other causes are washing the engine bay and rain. The Ignition coils in the 2.5L Nissan Sentra and Altima 2.5 of this age are frequently replaced as they age.

Other know electrical problems in these 2.5L Nissan and Infiniti vehicles have caused ignition coils to repeatedly fail. One common problem is the main electrical ground would break, causing the electrical system to use the ignition coils, and the main vehicle computer as a ground, physically melting them. This ground cable goes from the negative terminal on the battery to the transmission. It breaks from corrosion, and engine movement. Bad engine mounts can accelerate damage to this cable. Check this ground, and all other grounds on this vehicle. If it is broken, replace it.

Checking vehicle grounds, wiring, and other components such as the vehicle computer (also referred to as the PCM, ECU, or ECM) for damage can prevent repeated failure of ignition coils and save hundreds, or even thousands of dollars in repairs.

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