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Security and Payment Methods uses many secure payment and security methods. We allow Credit and Debit, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, and Paypal. We will soon be offering Apple Pay as well.

We use Comodo SSL security, a well known and trusted source for website verification and protecting consumer personal information. When you are in the checkout process, you will notice a little lock symbol to the left of the website address. This is to ensure that your information is well protected when checking out. Our Comodo SSL secured check out allows you to purchase with a peace of mind. Comodo double checks the company behind the website, so you know the website is authentic. Comodo also protects you against hackers when entering your information.

We encourage you to click on the Comodo logo on the bottom of the page, so you can see our third party verification, and be 100% confident that your information is being protected.

Araparts is also an  authorized merchant. offers enhance security measures to insure your shopping experience is safe and secure. We encourage you to click on the logo to be 100% sure that we are an authorized merchant.

One of the security measures used on the validation is the 3 digit validation. The 3 digit validation is to ensure the actual cardholder is present during the transaction.

What are the 3 digits? If you look on the back of your credit card (where you make an authorized signature) there are four numbers. To the right of the four numbers, there are three numbers. Our checkout system will not let you get past the security validation without the 3 numbers on the back of the card. This ensures the actual cardholder is present when making the purchase.  Other companies may save credit card numbers, but the three numbers on the back of the card are never saved in any credit card database, ever.

This added security measure protects you from hackers and thieves from accessing your credit or debit card information and purchasing against your authorization.

With these guards in place, you can be assured that when you shop at Araparts, your shopping and information is secured.