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The Ignition Coils in the Toyota Avalon will fail over time and cause a rough running engine and a check engine light. Besides the fact that we have quality ignition coils for your Avalon at incredibly discounted prices, we offer advice on how to find the problem below. If you already know what the problem is, continue on to find out how much money you can save on this type of repair. 


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Ignition Coil For Toyota Avalon

Replacement Ignition Coils For Your Toyota Avalon


We have ignition coils for your Toyota Avalon  here at Araparts. The Toyota Avalon uses six independent ignition coils. When these ignition coils are old, and one goes bad, it's likely the others may go bad soon. It is generally recommended to replace the six ignition coils all at the same time if they are several years old. The only problem with this is that these are simply too much for most people to afford at the local parts stores. We have heard of these running from $50 all the way up to $100 for each ignition coil. Not to mention needing to replace all six of them.  We have full sets of ignition coils for your Toyota Avalon here at Araparts for prices that are jaw dropping. We don't get our prices so low by lowering the quality. We do this by ordering a large amount of coils at the same time which allows us to get real wholesale prices and pass these savings on to our customers. Our discount quality ignition coils have a lifetime warranty, and ship fast! Any order placed by 3:30 pm PST (west coast time) Monday - Friday will be shipped out on that same day.


Cost To Replace Ignition Coils In Your Toyota Avalon


Considering the coils cost around $50 locally, the minimum amount would be $300 plus $100 in labor. This does not include diagnostic charges, and some places may also mark these parts up even more. While we understand that mechanics need to make money, our goal is to save our customers money as well. You can find the problem with a basic $20 OBDII scanner. Once you identify the bad ignition coil, you can move it to another cylinder, reset the ECU, then drive your Avalon until the check engine light comes back on. Once this happens, rescan to see if the misfire code follows the bad ignition coil. If it does, then the ignition coil is faulty and it needs to be replaced. If the rest of the coil packs are old, or even original (never changed), then it's best to change all six. Otherwise, you will be doing this process several times every time the old ignition coils fail. If the misfire code does not change, then it can be another issue such as a bad MAF, cam or crank sensors, intake leaks, fuel injectors, fuel pump, and more. This will keep you from spending money on parts that may not be defective. Or in common mechanic words, "throwing parts at the problem".


The ignition coils in the Toyota Avalon are not difficult to replace for anybody with basic mechanical experience. The front three ignition coils are immediately accessible, while the rear three ignition coils can be replaced with some arm maneuvering. 



Select the year and engine size of your Toyota Avalon to find the ignition coils you've been needing. You just may be surprised at our prices and warranty offer.