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Rolls Royce

While Rolls Royce owners will not be so worried about a few hundred bucks, we still have quality ignition coils available for those that are. Since the Rolls Royce uses the BMW motor, and we have the coils for BMWs, we also have the coils for some Rolls Royce vehicles as well. Our aftermarket coils are built to the same standard as the original equipment coils used in the Rolls Royce, and they come with a lifetime warranty, good for as long as you own your Rolls Royce. 


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Rolls Royce Ignition Coil Replacement.


Okay okay, while we'd think most Phantom owners won't be too worried about saving money on ignition coils, we will make that option very possible for those who do want to get their money's worth. After all, you don't become wealthy by spending all of your money of grossly marked up items. Nobody wants to feel like they've been "had". Even if they do have the money.

Considering what the local parts store, or the dealer would charge for all 12 ignition coils for any Rolls Royce, this could be up to $800 or more in savings, which is substantial for anybody. The ignition coils we sell are aftermarket, but quality made with copper windings. You can be assured that you are installing quality ignition coils in your Phantom. They also include a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your rolls royce. Stay tuned with us as well as we plan on carrying the original equipment (Bosch) as well. And yes, we do plan on buying these in bulk too. So you can get the original parts, AND save money if you wish.