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We have single and full sets of ignition coils for the Ford Explorer. Our prices are hard to match, and our ignition coils are covered by a lifetime warranty. Let us know more details about your Explorer, and we will show you the ignition coils you've been needing.


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Ignition Coil Replacement for your Ford Explorer



The Ford Explorer has been a very popular midsize SUV ever since Ford launched it. It was the standard for midsize SUVs when launched with both a V8 and V6 engine available. The Ford Explorer has individual ignition coils. Some of the Explorers use the DG508 coils and the post 2006 models use the DG511 straight boot style ignition coils. These independent ignition coils allowed for better space savings over the coil pack that is used in some of the models.


Even the coil pack for the 6 cylinder Explorers benefit well because it contains 6 coils packed together with epoxy separation them as opposed to a single ignition coil controlling all of the cylinders.. This is where the term "coil pack" comes from. Some of the V8 Explorers from the 90's used the coil pack as well, and most of the V8 Explorers used individual ignition coils instead. We have great quality ignition coils for your Explorer. Our price and quality mix is hard to beat! The coil on plugs for the Explorer are frequently replaced as they age. The boots wear, the springs corrode, and this can cause misfiring, also known as a "hiccuping" feeling from the engine while driving. The actual ignition coil itself (without the boot or springs) can wear as well. Typically from cracked housings, or cracked epoxy filling.


The epoxy filling in the ignition coil looks almost like a glass filling. It's clear, hard, and protects the actual ignition coil and allows the energy to make it towards the spring without "jumping" or "arching" away. Years of use can cause the epoxy to develop tiny cracks which cause the spark to jump, and in turn causing a misfire. Over the years, the vehicle is used in different temperatures and operating conditions. Over the years old parts crack, and need to be replaced. We get our ignition coils are such low prices because we buy thousands at a time, instead of 10-30 at a time. This allows us to get the warehouse pricing. Basically, the price that the local retailer will purchase them for is what we sell for. Talk about great savings! Not to mention, we offer a warranty on all of our ignition coils.

As the Ford Explorer increases in popularity, we will be sure to keep stocking the parts you need!