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BMW 740il Ignition Coil Replacement 


The 740il. BMW's flagship car, and there's no wondering why. BMW didn't spare any expense when it came to building this car. The ignition coils in the 740il are no exception. The 740il uses individual ignition coil on plugs. This means there is one ignition coil per spark plug. Each ignition coil sits right over the spark plug, and is held down by two 10 mm bolts. The right hand cylinder bank has 4 coils, and the left hand cylinder bank has 4 coils. This type of setup allows for much better control of ignition timing, and monitoring, allowing for better all around performance, economy and emissions. Coupled with the other systems BMW used, it put the V6 cars of its era to shame when it came to performance and fuel economy. The ignition coils in the 740il are the pencil type. There is a rubber booth with a spring that extends down the spark plug tube enough to reach the spark plug and supply the power to it. If the coils are several years old, and one of the coils goes bad, most will recommend to replace all 8. Our aftermarket coils have a warranty, and are thoroughly inspected after the manufacture process, ensuring a quality product. Just click on the year of your 740il to find the correct coils.