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BMW 545i Ignition Coils


The BMW 545i is a very desirable car. It is a luxury car that rides smooth, but performs like a sports car when pushed to its limits. They call it the driver's car for a reason. One of the reasons is because it uses an independent ignition coil setup. These are also known as coil on plugs, coil over plugs, and "coil packs". There is an ignition coil that sits over each spark plug. This independent ignition coil setup allows the computer better control over ignition timing. This allows for better performance fuel economy, and emissions. The ignition coils in the 545I BMW are a frequently replaced item. If one goes bad, it's generally recommended to replace all of the ignition coils at once. Especially if the coils are several years old. We have ignition coils for the BMW 545I. Select the year of your 545I to find ignition coils we stock.