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BMW 325ci Ignition Coils


The BMW 325ci 2 door coupe uses 6 coil on plugs. Each coil is independent, and sits right over each spark plug. These need to be replaced as they age, we have ignition coils for your 325ci. This BMW uses a pencil type ignition coil. it gets that names because it looks just as it sounds. Like a pencil. A boot with the spring reaches down and contacts the spark plug. Our aftermarket ignition coils for the BMW 325ci are some of the best quality aftermarket coils you may see. They fit perfectly, and use copper internal windings, and coated springs to prevent corrosion of the springs. We buy several hundred to several thousand of just this ignition coil, which allows us to sell them at significantly discounted prices. Select the year of your 325ci to find the ignition coils you need.