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Araparts started more than a decade ago in October 2006 as a specialist product supplier for the Toyota MR2. Well known in the MR2 enthusiast and racing community for the reverse engeneering and reproducing the discontinued T-top shade knob for the 1991-1995 Toyota Mr2 (yes, our old logo was pretty funny) which is still available on After a few years of developing new products, we looked into getting contracts with quality manufacturing facilities to purchase products from in high volume. Araparts has had immediate success selling ignition coils, and will continue to expand its product line to include many more products. Araparts only selects ISO 9000 certified factories that use the best manufacturing processes. All products are tested after manufacturing, and checked by us as well.

Araparts is unique because we can supply great quality aftermarket parts at much lower prices than you would see at your local auto parts store. Another advantage is that we are not a drop shipper. What is a drop shipper? A drop shipper is a company that does not have a physical location. When you order through a drop shipper, your order gets forwarded to another warehouse. The drop shipping company gets a cut, and the warehouse gets a cut, raising the price. With Araparts, there is no middle man! This is how we are able to get you the parts you need at unbeatable prices. We are located in sunny Elk Grove, California just a few minutes south of the state capitol.

At, you will receive top notch customer Service. We are professionals. Ever walk into a hole in the wall mechanic shop, and get the feeling like the people working there don't care? Or maybe they are talking with each other while you are waiting for help? This makes anybody feel unwelcomed. At everybody is welcomed, and questions and concerns are taken care of quickly with courtesy and professionalism.

We invite you to explore our FAQ center which contains how-to videos and articles that will help you in your quest to get your car running like new. As we grow, we will be continuously updating our database with simple information, and information that will help you properly diagnose that impossible problem to find. Feel free to share with us any information that will help other DIYers, so we can add it to our database.

As continues to grow, we will be continuously working new methods to make shopping our site, and receiving your parts faster and easier than ever!

Thank you for visiting, and we wish you the best!


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