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January 2019 News

Monday, January 7th, 2019


Our most popular engine mounts are coming back in stock next week. We have multiple customers asking when we will have them, and we felt it was necessary to ppost an update on this. Thank you to all of our customers who have waited patiently for us get get them back in stock. We couldn't be here without you! 

We are postponing our wheel hub bearing expansion until the import high tariffs come down. In the mean time we are looking for other options in different countries. Our goal is to bring you a qulity product at a great price. Once the tariffs come back down, we will be adding a line of wheel hub bearings and extending our coverage of engine mounts. Window regulators will be coming after. There has been some talk of doing body parts such as front bumper conversion kits for Lexus vehicles, but this is just in the talks. Thank you for considering us, and thank you to all of our customers for your suggestions over the years. We are getting a much better idea of what you are looking for, but we can always use more information. If you have any product suggestions, let us know! Send us an email at


It's now January and we are in the heaviest part of the winter season.  Please consider that delays at this time of year are very common.

We now offer engine and transmission mounts for most popular vehicles. We are now planning on adding wheel hub bearings this upcoming spring season as well! If you have any suggestions on produts for us to offer, send us an email at We are having a beginning of fall ignition coil sale, so take advantage of this sale before it ends! 

Bad weather alerts:

We are in winter, and this is the time when things start getting very cold, epecially for our northern friends. Make sure to stay updates on weather alerts so you can plan for any delays. Remember, delays due to mother nature is not covered under UPS' next day and second day air guaranteed services (per UPS policy). 



USPS Alerts:

UPS Alerts:

Thank you for considering us, and we wish everybody the best for the upcoming Spring season!