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We have lifetime warranty ignition coils for your Volvo S60 at incredible prices. We purchase several hundred to several thousand coils to be able to offer them to you at these kind of prices. Select the year and engine size of your Volvo S60 and our site will guide you to the ignition coils you've been needing.


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Ignition Coil Replacement For Volvo S60


The modern Volvo S60 uses individual ignition coils. This means that there is one ignition coils per cylinder. When these coils start going bad, it it common to feel a misfire, weak idle, and occasional stalling. Common OBDII codes are P0301 through P0305. If all of the coils are original, it is best to replace all of the coils at once. While they are relatively easy to replace for a someone with minimal auto skills, they can be a bit pricey. Some aftermarket auto stores may charge $50 or even more for EACH coil. We sell the entire set of coils for a much lower price than your auto store can touch. Let us know the year of your Volvo S60 so you can find out exactly how much money you can save when you order from us.