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The Toyota Venza uses ignition coil on plugs. This means there is one ignition coil that sits right over each spark plug As these began to fail, they tend to fail not too far apart from each other. We have the entire set of 4 or 6 for your Venza for prices that are hard to believe. Let us know the year and engine in your Toyota Venza to find the right part at the right price. 


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Ignition Coils For Toyota Venza

Replacement Ignition Coils For Your Toyota Venza


If your Toyota Venza misfiring? Chances are it could be a bad ignition coil. If the ignition coils in your Venza are several years old, and one goes bad, it is generally recommended to replace all of them at the same time to save time and money. This is because older ignition coils tend to fail within a short period of time from each other. Toyota Venza owners may end up changing one bad ignition coil only to have another one fail. Replacing all 6 is the best way not only because the bundle is cheaper, but you won't have to diagnose a misfire 6 different times. The replacement of these coils is fairly easy as these sit right on the top of the valve covers. When trying to find out if you have a bad ignition coil, start with an OBDII scanner. This device is used to find out why your check engine light is on. If you do have a misfire, you will get a code from P0300 (random misfire), P0301, through P0306. Once you locate the misfiring cylinder, move the ignition coil from that cylinder to another cylinder. If the coil pack is indeed bad, then the misfire code will change to the cylinder the ignition coil was moved to. This will let you know for sure what the problem is. We recommend doing this because there are many reasons why your Toyota Venza can misfire. While ignition coils are a common reason, other things such as bad spark plugs, sensors, or even mechanical internal engine issues can cause it to misfire.


Common Reasons For Ignition Coil Failure in Your Toyota Venza


The first and most common reason is not changing your spark plugs on time. As spark plug age, the gap will increase which causes the ignition coil to work harder to do the same job. Other reasons are improperly washing the engine, or even lifting the coil up and off of the spark plug while the engine is running (during a diagnostic). Many people do this because the engine is designed to shut off when it detects a fault in the ignition coil connection, not allowing you do disconnect the coil to diagnose. Lifting the coil removes the ground, and allows the high voltage to surge back up and blow out the coil. This doesn't always happen, but you run this risk when you do this. An OBDII scanner is very cheap, and will help you determining why your check engine light is on. If you live in a humid environment, the coils will have a shorter lifespan as these electrical parts and humidity just don't get along. Replacing the coil packs in your Toyota Venza will restore performance, fuel economy and emissions. We have the entire set of 4 or 6 for prices that are hard to believe. Continue on to find out how much money you can save.


We have discount  quality ignition coils for your Toyota Venza. Select the year and engine size to find the ignition coils you've been looking for.