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If your Toyota Land Cruiser has been misfiring, it may need ignition coils. We help you identify if this is the problem you are experiencing, and we save you money on the parts. Keep on reading below for some cool techniques that will prevent you from ordering the wrong parts, then continue on to find out how much money you can save on new ignition coil packs for your Land Cruiser.


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Toyota Land Cruiser Ignition Coil

Repalcement Ignition Coils For Your Toyota Land Cruiser


The modern Toyota Land Cruiser (98 and up) uses independent ignition coil on plugs. This means that it uses 8 ignition coils. When one of these coil on plugs goes bad, and the rest of them are old, it is recommended to replace all of them at the same time. We have discount ignition coils for your Land Cruiser here at Araparts. Select the year and engine size to find the ignition coils for your Land Cruiser. The modern Land Cruisers use the coil on plug system while the older (97 and older) use the distributor and spark plug wires ignition system. When the ignition coil fails in the older Land Cruisers, the engine will run very rough, or will not run at all. Modern Land Cruisers with the ignition coil on plug systems can have one ignition coil fail at a time. Old ignition coils tend to fail within a similar time frame from each other. Often times it's a few months. In some rare cases during a heat wave, or sudden extreme cold temperatures, they can fail just days apart from each other. At Araparts, out goal is to save you as much money as possible, and that includes saving you money on the diagnostic and repair itself, not on just the parts. 


Diagnosing a Bad Ignition Coil In Your Toyota Land Cruiser


When an ignition coil fails, you will get a check engine light. You can find out why your check engine light is on with an OBDII scanner. These cost $20 or less on many online websites. Turn the ignition to the ON position (engine OFF lights on the dashboard ON).  Plug your OBDII scanner into the port underneath the driver's side foot area underneath the dashboard. If you have a misfire, you will get a code ranging from P0301 through P0308. The last number represents the cylinder location of the misfire. Once you locate the ignition coil, move it to another cylinder. It doesn't matter which one you move it to. Now reset the ECU with your OBDII scanner, or by disconnecting the battery for at least one minute. This will prevent any false readings and allow the computer to identify a new misfire location. If the misfire moves, then the ignition coils is definitely causing the issue. If the misfire does not move, then the problem can be with a sensor, fuel injector, intake leak, or in the worst case scenario, a bad ECU or internal engine damage. This method will prevent you from accidentally ordering parts that you don't need and wasting money.


Lifetime Warranty


The coils we offer for your Land Cruiser come with a lifetime warranty which is good for as long as you own it. It includes all shipping back and fourth as well. If you do happen to accidentally order the wrong part, we allow 2 full months to return any new unused parts, and we don't even charge restocking fees. Continue on to find the right coil packs for your Toyota Land Cruiser.