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Toyota Celica Ignition Coils Replacement


We have ignition coils for your Toyota Celica. The ST185 and ST205 uses the 5SFE 2.2L, and 3SGTE 2.0L turbo uses a single ignition coil that sends power to the distributor. The ZZT230 Celica which ran the 1zzfe (GT SOHC) and 2zzfe (GTS DOHC) uses independent coil on plugs. Replacing old ignition coils can restore power and fue economy in your Celica. Contorary to popular beleif, the GT and GTS celica do not share ignition coils. Depsite that they look very similar, the differences are engouh for them to not be interchangeable. If they are several years old, and one goes bad, it is recommended to replace all 4 of them at the same tiem to save time and money. We have these ignition coils at significant discounts. We purchase hundreds, even thousands at a time. Select the year and engine size of your Celica to find the ignition coils you've been looking for.