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We have ignition coils for your Toyota 4 Runner at prices that are simply hard to get near. Continue on to see the igniton coils we have in stock for your 4 Runner.


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Replacement Ignition Coils For Your Toyota 4 Runner


If you are looking for ignition coils for your Toyota 4Runner, you've come to the right place. Even better, if you went to the local store and had a sticker shock at the price of each ignition coil, then you are definitely at the right place. We sell full sets of ignition coils for prices much lower than the local auto parts store. Not to mention they come with a fantastic warranty, and ship for free, so you won't have to be surprised The ignition coils for the different engines used in the 4-Runner range from a single coil to a waste spark system, to individual coil on plugs. We have the ignition coils you are looking for your 4-Runner at prices much lower than the local auto parts store. The 4 runner ignition coils vary based on whether it has a 4 Cyl, V6, or V8. The early generation 4 runners use single ignition coils that supply power to the distributor. The modern 4 runners use individual ignition coils. When one of these fail, it is best to change the rest at the same time.

The auto parts store near you might charge $40 or $50 per coil or more at times. Common error codes range from P0301 through P0308. If your engine is shaking and running rough, you can use an OBDII scanner to find out what the problem is. Replacing these coils is really as soon as removing the single bolt that holds them down, lifting the coil up and out, and installing the new ignition coil. If it has been several years since you've changed your spark plugs, or you don't remember when you replaced them, now would also be a good time to replace them. New coils in your 4Runner will make the engine run the way it was when it was new. Contrary to popular belief, high performance ignition coils add on horsepower in your 4Runner. They might restore power, but not add them. The shortest and easiest way to put it with high performance coils is that they are supposed to be used so the ignition can keep up with the power the vehicle is making. It's like putting drag radials on a 100 hp car. Of course they perform great, but they don't add horsepower. They are designed to keep up with the amount of power the car is making.  

Let us know the year and engine size of your 4Runner, and we will help you find the coils you have been looking for, and at a fantastic discounted price.