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We have quality lifetime warranty ignition coils for your Nissan Altima at prices that will make your jaw drop. A common question we get about these is "why are your coils so cheap?". We don't bring our process down by lowering quality and selling junk. We do this by purchasing a large quantity. Usually several hundred to several thousand ignition coils for your Altima. This allows us to get the same quality part at a much lower price. Select the year and engine of your Altima to see our deals.


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Ignition Coil For Nissan Altima

Ignition Coil Replacement for your Nissan Altima


The Nissan Altima is one of the best selling cars in America. Well know for its sporty design, luxurious features, and practicality, the Altima has always been a desired car. The Altima uses a coil on plug setup consisting of 4 (4 cyl) or 6 (V6) individual ignition coils that sit right on top of the spark plugs. This is known as the coil on plug setup. When replacing old ignition coils in your Altima, it is generally recommended to replace all of the old coils at the Same time.
Some of the Altimas had problems with the main ground cable breaking. This caused the electrical system to use the coil or main computer as a ground, and causes them to look melted or scorched, and even possibly damaging the main computer. Some owner have experienced many electrical problems with them as a result. We recommend to check all of the ground on your Nissan Altima prior to installing any new ignition coil to ensure the rest of the electrical system is functioning properly. We have ignition coils available for the Nissan Altima at a fraction of the local prices you may see. We purchase thousands of these coils for your Altima at a single time allowing use to get them at real warehouse prices, and of course, we sell them direct on our website.

Reasons For Ignition Coil Failure in Nissan Altima

The first and most common reason these fail is not replacing your spark plugs soon enough. No, this isn't a gimmick to get you to buy some spark plugs for no reason. As spark plugs age, the gap between the tip of the plug increases. As this happens, the resistance increases forcing the ignition coil to work harder to do the same job. This causes the ignition coils to fail prematurely. New spark plugs not only make your Altima run better, but they also prevent other components from becoming damaged. Your ECU will also compensate by retarding the timing as well, lowering fuel economy. Yes, worn out spark plugs can do all of this. Other reasons are improperly cleaning the engine bay, and bad grounds (for some mid 2000 model year Altimas). Ensuring all of these are good will ensure your ignition coils last a long time. Of course, over time, ignition coils can simply fail without any other outside reason, and we have these for incredible prices. The cost to replace the ignition coils in your Nissan Altima can range anywhere between $300 and $800 or more. Our goal is to bring this down dramatically by offering low cost, high quality parts, and offering free advice on how to diagnose the problem and do the repair job yourself. We also include a packet of 2.5g dielectric grease with all orders of ignition coils for the Altima. This will help to keep moisture out and make removing these parts for spark plug replacement easier in the future.
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