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Mercedes Benz

When it comes to replacing the coils on your Mercedes Benz, don't be intimidated by cost. Even though Mercedes is a high end brand, replacing the coils in your Benz is not any different than any regular vehicle. We have lifetime warrantied ignition coils for your Mercedes at incredible prices. You can even check out our how-to section to find out how to replace the ignition coils. Select the type of Mercedes you own, and let our website guide you to the right ignition coils.


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Most Mercedes Benz vehicles use a twin spark ignition system, This means that there are 2 spark plugs and 2 spark plug wires for each cylinder, but one ignition coil that is designed to deliver power to both spark plugs. Some newer Mercedes use a single coil on plug, and the older Mercedes use distributors and coil packs. Ignition coils are a commonly replaced item in Mercedes Benz vehicles. A bad ignition coil in your Mercedes can cause the engine to feel like it's "missing", "surging" or "hiccuping" as its driving. This is called "misfiring".

Common misfire codes are P0301 = Cylinder 1 all the way up to P0312 = Cylinder 12. A misfire can be very slight. The vehicle computer is usually good at monitoring the cylinders for misfires. When you have a misfire, you want to check everything related to that cylinder, including the ignition coil, spark plug wires, spark plugs, wire harness, and fuel injector. 

A very common question that is asked is "How far can I drive with a bad ignition coil?".

We recommend to only drive very short distances. Do not drive a prolonged period of time with a misfiring engine as raw fuel can cause damage to your catalytic converter. While in many cases, the catalytic converter may survive a prolonged period of time while driving with a misfire, it will still shorten the life of it. Many drivers of older vehicles notice that a misfire seems to damage a catalytic converter quickly. What actually happens in these situations is the catalytic converter was at the end of its useful service life, and the misfire quickly finished it off. 

The coils we sell for your Mercedes have a lifetime warranty, good for as long as you own your Mercedes. We sell single coils, and full sets. 

We have ignition coils for your Mercedes. Select the year and model to find the right coils today!


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