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Is your Honda misfiring? You may need to replace th ignition coils. Hondas tend to be a little harder to pinpoint where the misfire is. Many owners report seeing a misfire code for all cylinders (P0301-all the way to P0306), ever if only 1 cylinder is misfiring. If you need help finding these misfires, see our how-to section on how to pinpoint which cylinder is causing the misfire. We sell single coils, and full set of 6 coils. We recommend replacing all the coils in the vehicle if they are at least 7-10 years old, and one fails. For newer coils, you can get away with replacing just 1.


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Ignition Coils for Your Honda

 Ignition coil for 2004 Honda Pilot 3.5L V6

The ignition coils used in the various Honda models have always been an efficient, reliable and cost effective setup. From the TEC style and Hitachi style ignition coils used in the mid 90's Honda's to the independent coil over plug setups used in the later model Honda vehicles, Honda has always found a way to make the set up work and work well. Old ignition coils in a Honda can cause misfiring, also described as a "hiccup" or "surge" when the vehicle is driving. Common misfire OBDII codes range from P0300-P0306. When an ignition coils is bad, and the other coils are several years old, it is recommended to replace the rest of them, as they spend their operating life in the same conditions. For the Honda vehicles that use the single ignition coil inside the distributor, it is recommended to treat them carefully as they age. This includes making sure the ventilation holes on the distributor cap are not clogged, and making sure not to arch any tools on anything electrical. This has been known to finish off old ignition coils, causing the car to not start. Also, never run the vehicle with damaged spark plugs wires, and of course, never pull a spark plug wire as the Honda is running. This will cause the electricity to surge back towards the ignition coil, increasing the chances of blowing it out completey.