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F350 5.4L V8 and 6.8L V10 gasoline motors will need coils at some point. This is a very common failure with many of the gasoline Ford F350 trucks. When replacing the bad ignition coils, it is recomended to replace all of the coils if they are original, or you feel they have not been replaced withing the past 7-10 years. We have the entire set of 8 or 10 for your F350 for incredible prices, and a lifetime warranty, good for as long as you own your truck. Let us know what year your F350 is, and our website will guide you to the ignition coils you've been needing, and at the right price.


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Ignition Coil Replacement For Your Ford F350 Truck


The Ford F350 gasoline V8 and V10 uses coil on plug type coil setup. This means that there is one coil per cylinder. Each coil sits right over the spark plugs, and is held down by one 8mm bolt. Over the years, the coils and the boots can wear. Many factors cause misfires including high humidity, cracks from old age, washing the engine bay, etc. If the ignition coils are several years old, and one goes bad, it is likely the other ones will go bad soon. It is recommended to replace all of old coils at once. We have sets of 8 ignition coils, and sets of 10 ignition coils for your Ford F350. Common misfire codes on the F350 are P0301 (cylinder 1) to P0310 (cylinder 10). If there is no misfire code, there are other ways to find the misfire. The F350 PCM will not turn on the check engine light if the misfire is less than 2.3% of the firing time. Crazy right! You can still find these misfires because it still records them. Check out our how-to section to find these mysterious misfires! 

Should I get all 8 or 10 coils for my F350?

The V8 and V10 F350 trucks share the same type of ignition coils. The rule is the same for both; if one fails and the rest are old, change the all. This will save lots of time and money on the bundle and not having to go back and do the job over and over. While coils for the F350 do not have a lifespan, we've noticed that owners who live in humid areas (AKA the south and southeast) tend to see coil failures sooner than someone who lives in a dry region. Our coils come with dielectric grease as well which helps to seal out moisture. An exception to changing them all is if you replaced the coils within the past couple of years, you can get away with replacing just one coil.


By far, our most frequently asked question is "why are your coils so cheap?". It is a very valid question, and the answer is simple. We buy in large quantities and sell directly to you, the consumer. Normally we'd sell to a warehouse, and the price would get marked up 3 times before it reaches the auto parts store. We have the exact same quality parts you'd find for a lot less than you really need to spend. The local auto store simply cannot compete with our price and quality match. The only way to know for sure is to see the product for yourself. Many people on various forums have mentioned our product and love it. We are also lightly active on some of the forums to engage with our customers. We want to let you know that we are here for our customers and we really do stand by what we offer. No gimmicks, no hassle, no jumping through hoops, no red tape and no nonsense. The coils we sell for the F350 come with a lifetime warranty against defects, good for as long as you own your F350.




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