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Ignition Coils For Chevrolet

We have various ignition coils available for your Chevrolet car truck or van. We specialize in selling complete sets of ignition coils (when applicable). We also have singles as well that are still discounted over the regular coils.


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Ignition Coil For 2002 Chevrolet Trailblazer 4.2L I6

Misfiring Chevrolet? 

If your Chevrolet has been misfiring, it may be a faulty ignition coil. Common error codes are P0301 (Cyl 1 misfire) through P0308 (Cyl 8 misfire). Buying ignition coils at the local store can be extremely pricey. If 1 coil is bad, and the vehicle has multiple coils, we recommend to replace all at once. We have ignition coils at extremely discounted prices. Let us know what kind of Chevy you drive along with the year and engine type, and our website will guide you to the proper ignition coils that you have been needing. 


All of our ignition coils come with a warranty, and they are high quality aftermarket parts. Many owners notice a significant improvement in performance when replacing the ignition coils in their Chevrolet. 

Common symptoms 

Common problems you may experience with a misfire is typically a chugging feeling as the vehicle is driving. You can also feel an occasional hiccup, or a constant hiccup. This is usually, but not always accompanied by a check engine light. If you are unsure about how to replace the ignition coils in your Chevrolet, check out our how-to section for help. You can always reach out to us at (916) 585-6835 for any questions on fitment information if you are unsure if the part will fit your vehicle. 

Obvious symptoms  

A very obvious symptom is a consistently rough running engine with a flashing check engine light. A flashing check engien light means there is an immediate problems that needs to be solved as soon as possible. If you inspect the ignition coils and you notice a crack on the coil, then the coil is definitely in need of replacement. The good news is when an ignition coil fails completely, it is much easier to diagnose than a coil that occasionally misfires. When one coil is bad, and the rest are many years old, it is recommended to replace all of the coils at once. Don't let the auto parts store prices intimidate you. We have those same parts at incredible prices, and with a great warranty. Let us know what kind Chevrolet you have and we will show you the ignition coils you need!