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If your BMW 745LI has been misfiring, and is throwing out misfire codes on your OBDII scanner, chacnes are it might be an ignition coil. A very easy way to find out for sure is to swap the alleged bad coil to another cylinder, and reset the computer. If the code follows the coil, then you know it is the coil. These can be extremely expensive at the local store. We are here to solve this problem. We have the entire set of 8 ignition coils for your BMW 745LI at incredible prices. Let us know what year your 745LI is, and we will guide you to the right coils. If you have any questions, you can also call us at (916) 585-6835.


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Discount Ignition Coil Replacement for You BMW 745LI


The words "discount" and "BMW" usually don't go together in the same sentence, however we've managed to pull it off when it comes to ignition coils for your BMW 745li. We buy hundreds, even thousands of coils for your 745li at once. This allows us to get the same quality aftermarket parts for much less! This what make us truly unique. We can actual offer a quality product at an aggressive discount. Even though we have thousands, they still go really fast, so select the year of your BMW 745li to find the right coils today!