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Ignition Coils for BMW 535xi


Your AWD high powered BMW needs to have a strong ignition to run properly. And of course it's quite a fast car, so a misfire will be very noticeable while driving this car. It's not too uncommon for the coils to fail after about 6-7 years of use. This can happen even if the car is low mileage because the plastic and metal on the coils wears and stresses from constant heating and cooling...aka expanding and retracting. When one coil fails, and the other coils are several years old, it isn't too unlikely the others may start going bad withing the next few weeks or months. Nobody wants to eb replacing a coils every other month. We have the entire set of 6 coils available at an unbeatable price. They come with a warranty, and ship out in a very timely manner. Please select the year of your 535xi to find the ignition coils you've been needing.