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BMW 525i Ignition Coils


The BMW 525i has an inline 6 cylinder engine. It uses 6 individual ignition coil on plugs. Each coil on plug sits right on top of each spark plug, and allowes for superior control of ignition timing. Each coil on plug is held in place by two 10mm bolts. Replacing the ignition coils isn't a difficult process for someone who works on cars on the side. If the coils are several years old, and one goes bad, it is generally recommended to replace all 6 at once. This is because they are usually the same age and have the same lifespan. We sell a set of 6 of these for the BMW 525i here at Araparts. They are quality aftermarket ignition coils that are tested after the manufacturing process, and include a warranty as well. Select the year of your 525i to find the right coil on plugs for your car today!