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BMW 325I ignition coils


The BMW 325i 4 door sedan uses 6 individual ignition coils. These are called coil on plugs. They are also known as coil packs. There is one coil for each spark plug, and they are located right underneath the valve cover with two 10mm bolts holding each coil down. These coils can wear over time, causing your 325i to misfire (also known as surging or hiccuping). Usually a check engine light will come on, with codes P0300 through P0306. These codes indicate a misfire. P0300 = random misfire, P0301 = cylinder one misfire, and so on. If the coils are several years old, it is recommended to replace all 6 at once. We have quality aftermarket ignition coils are discounted prices here are Araparts. Our pricing is not low because the coils are inferior. It is low because we purchase several thousand of these coils at a time, allowing us to get the best discounted wholesale price.