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Engine Mounts

When a motor mount is broken, replacing it sooner than later can save you money and lots of hassle. Other parts in the engine bay can become damaged from the engine moving too much and crushing them or pulling them apart. If you are shopping locally, feel free to check out our website and compare pricing before you make that purchase. We have Araparts brand motor mounts that are the same quality as the motor mounts that you'd find at the local parts store. The only difference is that you will be spending a whole lot less. 


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Motor Mount Replacement


Motor Mounts are a critical component of your vehicle as they literally hold the engine in. You can call them motor mounts, engine mounts, transmission mounts, differential mounts, etc. It really doesn't matter. It is the same type of part that does the job of insulating vibrations, and holding the motor in. This is also the case for electric cars as well as they have instant torque, which is a lot harder on motor mounts than gasoline, or ICE vehicles. A motor mount is basically a metal shell with rubber bonded to it. The rubber insulates the vibrations of the engine and holds it in place. Motor mounts fail when the rubber tears and allows the engine to move around more. This comes off as a "bang" or "thump" every time you stem on the gas, or when the engine shifts. This can cause damage to other components like electrical ground cables, AC lines, and even other engine mounts as they stretch further than they are supposed to. For some older vehicles with a throttle cable, this can also cause the engine to move and pull on the throttle cable, causing the vehicle to accelerate on its own. This is dangerous as it can cause an accident. Replacing motor mounts can save you money by preventing damage to other components. If your vehicle has a broken engine mount, it is extremely important to drive it softly. Mainly while accelerating. Abrupt acceleration will accelerate damage and cause the engine to move much more than a lightly driven vehicle.