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How DIY can save so much money, even for people who don't know much about cars

The Automotive Industry Is Changing


The automotive industry is changing, and the number of people who are doing repairs themselves is growing thanks to DIY videos on YouTube. As the owner of Araparts, my goal is to save people money just like I did, and still do. There are so many simple things that can be done to repair your vehicle by someone with little to no experience. Of course for more complex jobs, there are things that you still need to know, but things like changing ignition coils, or spark plugs can be done with a video guide. Tools like OBDII scanners have come down in cost drastically to make it affordable for virtually anybody to diagnose their check engine light, then there's a world of Google and other search engines that help you determine what the OBDII code means. Many scanners these days even give you a list of the most common repairs for the OBD code. We understand that mechanics will never go away. We need them. Not everybody is going to replace their own ball joint, do coolant flushes, and their own brakes, but all of the tools are available now. We have a limited number of how-to videos, and we plan on ramping these up. We also plan including videos showing the difference between parts as ordering can be very confusing from time to time. Take the 2007 Chevrolet Silverado for example: The 2007 model year has a classic and regular version. On top of that, each version has two different styles of ignition coils they use. That's four different parts for just one model year! This is very confusing and we constantly get people accidentally ordering the wrong parts, understandably.


Parts Counter Experience Online

The Silverado isn't the only confusing vehicle to order parts from. There's Jaguars, VWs, Hondas, etc. that can be confusing to order parts from. We are now making videos showing the physical part, so it's more like an in person parts counter experience where you can see the parts and compare them to the ones in your vehicle and other models of similar years and engines. This will make it easier in general to order parts in the future - not just on our website, but in general. While we can't extend our videos to the entire world, we plan on doing it eventually so that everybody can experience the awesome feeling of tackling a repair job themselves, and of course save a ton of money. We take all video suggestions to make it easier for those who are ordering their parts online.