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Check the INNER EDGE of your tires before the 2019 New Year

Inner edge wear can surprise anybody. Even car enthusiasts.

Check the INNER EDGE of your tires before the 2019 New Year

Sure, we are the ignition coil shop, but we are auto enthusiasts, and we want you to be safe for the new years. Tires are not very different than ignition coils when it comes to having to replace them. They all wear out at almost the same rate. The only difference is tires have a lifespan while ignition coils do not. I have worked at a tire shop for many years, and I have seen the same thing almost every day. Cars getting towed in with a blown out tire. The typical cause? Unseen inner edge wear. It's VERY EASY to miss inner edge wear as tires (even the best quality) never really wear 100% symmetrically. That means that one portion may be worn out slightly more than the rest. Inner edge wear is the hardest to catch.

We recommend that everyone check all around the inner most edge of their tires before embarking on any significant road trip this year. Feel all the way around the tire, don't just take a quick peek. be careful when doing so as any metal cords sticking out may cut you. Depending on how severe the inner edge wear is, you may need an alignment. It also heavily depends on which type of vehicle you drive. Many sports and luxury vehicles wear the inner edge out much faster as their suspensions are tuned to run more negative camber for a better ride. 

Whatever car you drive, make sure you are safe for the winter 2019 season!

See our video showing you how to check your tires: